4 Simple Ways I'm Going to Make You Look Fabulous During Your Shoot

Listen, I get it.

I’ve had those few extra (30) pounds pile onto my body the past few years. I have a big ear that peeks out from my hair when it’s down and I hate it. My tired eyes, my wrinkling forehead. You name it, I hate seeing it in photos.

Not to mention that while I’m a ninja behind the lens, I feel like a rookie Ricky Bobby in front of it.


But here’s the thing.

I’m a magic photographer (or just one who has done a whole lot of shooting) and I know how to make you look super duper amazing in photos.

Here’s how:

1) Just breathe.

Yeah, I know. That sounds silly. And cliche. But 90% of my clients look totally different if they just shake their arms, let loose and wait for my guidance.

2) Posing.

I know, this feels super narcissistic sometimes and most of us just aren’t used to that sort of spotlight. But it’s not about those catwalk looks. My poses place you strategically to showcase the things you love about yourself and hide the things you don’t.

3) Shadows & light.

I’ve had my photographer boyfriend color my self-proclaimed big arms with shadows so it looks like I’ve been spending weeks at the gym. I naturally conceal dark eyes under circles by finding the right light and using the right settings on my camera. Whatever you want, there’s a natural solution.

4) Prompts.

I pride myself on being a lifestyle photographer so saying that I do candid posing sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. But here’s why it’s not.

I spend a lot of time getting to know each of my clients. I get down to the bottom of your truest joys and and passions. And our session is spent bringing those emotions out in genuine ways.

BONUS: Unlike many traditional photographers who have limited time, I show you the photos as we take them so that if there’s something you’re not loving, we can fix it quickly.

Ready for your closeup yet?