Why You Should Never Do Branding Photos - Bernadette Marciniak

I know, that sounds like crazy talk coming from a branding photographer, right? But hear me out.
Your personal brand is not missing anything nor will it ever be complete. It's an ongoing journey to discover the gifts you want to share with the world and how to do it in the best possible way. You will always be finding new things, new ways and new messages to tell your audience. Your brand is as fluid as you are — always growing and expanding.

So I don't want you to do branding photos out of a scarcity mindset. I don’t want you to think that a branding session with me will be your ultimate goal or answer. If we all did business that way, we'd have to sign up for every service that is telling us it's the ONE THING YOU NEED to be successful.

Everything that everyone offers carries some sort of value. But don't do branding photos because you think it's what you're missing. Do branding photos because you're ready to take that next step in your journey. Do branding photos because you want to elevate your brand and stand confident in front of it. Do photos because I’ve done a great job telling you how they can raise the vibration of your brand.
I want you do to branding photos because you are so passionate about your business you can't want to show the best version of it to the world.

Ready? Let's go.