4 Ways You Hadn't Thought To Use Personal Branding Photos

Your gallery is ready. 90 spiffy brand new images from your personal branding photography session. They are all at your fingertips to promote yourself and your brand. It’s super exciting.

You sit down to batch plan your social media content calendar — three month’s worth of Instagram and Facebook posts, fresh pictures for your e-mail list and a bank of images to redo your website.

But there are a few other ways you can use your photos that you maybe hadn’t thought of.

Course materials

Whether you’re using a service like Kajabi or sending an e-mail content to your audience, you’ll need visuals for building online courses. Professional personal branding photos will enhance the production value of your course. They provide an aesthetic to your material that screams, “This ain’t yo sister’s iPhone-made class. It is the REAL DEAL.”

Instagram Stories & Highlights

Instagram Stories are being consumed by 400 million people each day — that’s 80% of all active users. They also get 2-3 times more engagement than regular posts. I don’t know about you, but I consume stories pretty quickly unless there’s a reason for me to hit pause.

One of the surefire ways that makes that happen is a stunning image.


Professional photos = professional product

It may seem like a waste for a photo that’s only going to be live for 24 hours, but here’s why it’s not.

If you are consistently posting powerful, beautiful imagery on a platform that is otherwise curated from cell phone footage, you will stand out. Your audience will start to associate you with having an appreciation for high quality and attention to detail, giving them reason to believe you put the same considerations into the product you are selling.

In addition, the 24-hour time limit to Stories are now a thing of the past with Story Highlights. You can keep your best Story content active on Instagram indefinitely, right at the top of your profile. Why wouldn’t you want it to be something amazing?


If you’re going to be making paid ads for target audiences on Instagram and Facebook, you best be making sure it looks top notch. Otherwise, whatever investment you made into having the ad show up in front of your audience will have been a futile one.

Facebook Live

Have you ever done a Facebook Live and thought, “Ugh, if only my office didn’t look like such a drag.” Say no more.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 6.09.30 PM.png

Look how cute Lacey Sites’s background is! And she has photos!

While you want the focus of your video to be YOU, it doesn’t hurt to have the right flair behind you. I provide all my clients with three resolutions of their photos, one being high-resolution. If their session included any branding photography of products, they could go print out a few shots to frame and spruce up the setting behind them. Pair it with a wood block of your favorite quote, and you are golden!

Double bonus: if you have a business that requires in-person client meetings, your entire office atmosphere can benefit with some images on the wall!

In Conclusion

Personal branding photography is a big investment, but you can squeeze the value out of those images further than just social posts. Do you have any non-traditional ideas of how you’ll want to use yours?