How Parent Bloggers Can Get Double Value From A Personal Branding Session

Listen up mommy bloggers! I have another one of my personal branding tips for you. We all know about those baller tax breaks you get as a parent. But did you know that your children can also help double the value of your branding photography session?


When you’re building a personal branding strategy as a parent, you’ll be including your kids in a lot of it. Ergo, you’ll want to have photos of you and your children in your photography sessions. And while some of them will be what I like to call “staged candids” that illustrate life as a parent, (sugar-high toddlers, cuddles, homework help and so on) a few posed shots will be part of your list, too.

So here’s the gameplan.

Insert a couple traditional family shots that you envision going over the mantlepiece as part of your shotlist, pull the kids and hubby or wifey in for a few minutes, and voila! Your annual family photo is now included in your session! Just make sure you’ve given everyone ample time to get themselves together and dressed (so you know…three hours? Hardy har har.)


Depending on the agreement you have with your photographer, you could triple the value of your session, too!

There is a new influx of personal branding photographers who sign over all usage rights to your photos. I provide my clients with commercial rights and three different resolutions of photos, including high-res, so that if they did want to take them to their local printing lab, there wouldn’t be any issues with usage or quality. So that session you thought you’d have to book for an annual Christmas card? It’s already done. Photos to Grandma of her little darling grandchildren? She’s already ahhh-ing and oooh-ing.

So all you have to do is kick back and…hear that? It’s the sound of your pen crossing one more thing off your to-do list. Ahhhhh. Here’s to you!