my process

First we’ll start off discussing why you’re so gosh darn special.

Is it because of the five years you spent in Peru finding your spiritual self and attaining your highest level of consciousness?

Or is it that those Insta-perfect photos of yogis in Bali doing downward dog underneath a waterfall make you cringe? You’re a badass, a rebel…you make your own rules. (side note: if you’re a yogi and want to do your personal brand shoot in Bali, pls contact me immediately)

Whatever your story is, it’s unique to you and only you, and we are going to tell it.



After we’ll figure out what your story is, we’ll want to nail down where you’re going to tell it.

Do you just need a few photos to go along with interviews? Or do you want a vault of content to tell your story in linear form on social?

We will chat about all the ways you can use your photos to have the biggest impact.



You know those pictures. The horrible, horrendous, yucky, if-these-ever-somehow-end-up-on-Facebook-I’ll-die pictures?

Tell me about them. Why are they so awful? What don’t you want to show?

Because the last thing I want is to have round 2 of those.

Then we’ll chat about the pictures you DO love and we will take them to the next level. 2.0.

pin all the things!


I don’t know if you’re as big of a Pinterest nerd as I am, but I love love love to Pin all the things.

Before each shoot, I’ll create a mood board on Pinterest showing you the poses, emotions and feels we’ll aim to incorporate into your shoot.

If you have your own board going on…GREAT. Let’s get down and collaborate. (Hey, that rhymes!)

time to shoot!


Once we have your stories nailed down and a shot list put together it’s time to make some magic happen!

I’ll send you my guides on how to get ready for your personal branding shoot & what to wear ahead of our session.

On shoot day, I will arrive with a smile and a hug (and my gear, obvi.)

We’ll start going through our shot list and I’ll make sure to capture a variety of shots including:

  • Horizontal/vertical for social use

  • Full body/half body/portrait

  • Different facial expressions

But lest we not forget that we want to honor your authenticity. So if something outside of the list comes to our minds, let’s go with the flow — that’s the Universe guiding us!

i wanna see, i wanna see!

And darling, I don’t wanna make you wait. I offer in-person selection sessions where we can go over the gallery after our shoot.

But I also understand that we’re busy humans, so if you don’t have time, no sweat.

I’ll get a gallery over to you within 48 hours so that you can select your favorites.

After that, you’ll get your fully-edited photographs back in ONE WEEK so that you can start sharing them right away!

The deets:

Whether you need a quick refresh session, a stream of content, or an entire brand overhaul, I got you covered.

Sessions can include:

  • 1-3 locations

  • 1-6 outfit changes

  • Variety of shots

  • One-week turnaround

  • Private gallery

  • Digital downloads of photos, resized for both web & print

Content packages start at $900
*smaller refresh sessions available. Contact me for more info.

Pop that bubbly! It’s time to get started!

Pop that bubbly! It’s time to get started!