Can I still use cell phone pictures when creating a strong personal brand?

Oh my gosh, YES! While the photos we take together will give you a vault of beautiful and powerful images to share with your audience across your platforms, cell phone pictures give your audience a behind-the-scenes sort of look that amplifies your authenticity so you can still remain relateable. That being said, there are a few places you should never use your selfies in…

  • Website - this is your resumé and storefront. Make it look as professional as possible.

  • Press distribution - if you are approached by a blog or news outlet for an interview and they ask you for some pictures, keep those selfies on your camera roll. I’d suggest sending 2-3 professional photos and if there is a cell phone photo that goes with the theme of what you’re discussing, send that over too for that extra oomph of personal brand.

  • Profile photos - Again, this is your first impression as a business owner, so stick to the professional stuff and use the cell-phies for occasional posts.

i don’t feel like an expert in my field — why should i try to look like one?

Many of us as entrepreneurs are told over and over again to establish ourselves as experts in our industry if we want to be successful. And while I am

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