Anything is possible.


In the summer of 2017, my boyfriend and I took a little vacation to Los Angeles in between gigs. I had been to California before, and had poo-pooed at the idea of Los Angeles. It was cool, yeah, but everything was so spread out and weird and overhyped, IMO.

Something felt different this time around though. The palm trees were taller and greener. The ocean was crisper. The views were gorgeous-er.

“People live here,” I thought to myself as we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway. “We could live here.”

Less than four months later, life happened and boyfriend signed a contract for a full-time job in this city of angels. Before I knew it, I was packing away the life I had known in New Jersey for 30 years.

I left all my friends and family behind for a place where I knew virtually no one, and it was the best decision I ever made. Since then, I’ve been living my life in service of taking chances and making my dreams of being an entrepreneur come true.

We all have these stories to tell our clients. Let me help you tell yours.

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My background in photography

I got my first Polaroid camera when I was 4, and my first 35mm film camera when I was 9. If it wasn’t in my hand when I was with my family on the weekends or during special occasions, I’d never hear the end of it from my father. Thus began my career as a lifestyle photographer.

I’m a former award-winning photojournalist, who spent almost a decade learning about my community, its people and its soul. My weekends were spent photographing local events, business owners, and inspiring people who went above and beyond their calls of duty to make a difference.


A few fun nuggets about me

  • My pop culture references and quotes are pretty limited to three TV shows — Parks & Rec, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother.

  • I am never not cold. Even in California, my hands resemble icicles moreso than anything else.

  • I am a huge beer snob. I seek out and visit a local brewery whenever I am traveling and will always start with a flight. My favorite styles are goses, IPAs and saisons.

  • I love to cook and am actually pretty good at it. I am a serial food picture poster on Facebook because I know my audience there will eat it up (GET IT? Eat it up?…I’ll let myself out.)

  • On that note, I am a lover of puns and dad jokes.

  • I love dinosaurs. My favorite one is a stegosaurus.