your business deserves to

be seen


You know that old adage, your brand is more than just your logo?

Well, your personal brand is more than just your product shots.

Nowadays people want to know who they’re spending their dollars with. Values and personality are regarded way more than just a name.

This branch of authentic marketing is taking over by storm. And in order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need strong and powerful imagery to back it up.


how are you different than everyone else?

There are thousands of coaches, healers, mentors and educators.

Hundreds of yoga teachers, nutritionists and stylists.

The number of small business owners are multiplying by the day.

In a saturated marketplace, it is extremely difficult to get heard in a sea of noise.

Personal brand photography is your chance to show your audience how you are different.

It’s the perfect combination of authenticity and professionalism, showing how you are unique and a leader in your field.

if you are waiting to take photos, you are making your audience wait for you.

Don’t wait to get all your ducks in a row before making a leap.

Entrepreneurship is a never-ending journey — not a destination.

You have to be out there in front of your business to move the needle.

And if you don’t have professional photos, you don’t have a professional business.

Don’t wait to lose those last 10 pounds or wait to get this and that and those in order.

The universe will be knocking at your door before you are ready, so at least be ready with your pictures.

Why personal branding means so much to me

weird not to be weird

Cue the cliché sob story about how I was that awkward girl growing up, trying super hard to fit in. I longed to be part of the popular girls crowd, rushing to Abercrombie & Fitch with every paycheck I got so that I could wear what they wear and hopefully get accepted into their elite group.

Alas, I wasn’t buying the boho belly shirts or ripped up jeans that they all donned. I’d go in and somehow walk out with three new graphic tees, hoping that just the label on them would suffice.

It didn’t.

I got to college and figured I’d try to find a spot somewhere else. Become queen of a different social group — the nerds.

Weekends were spent at Hot Topic buying the newest Vans, fake emo glasses and skater clothes. I made myself listen to music I didn’t really care for, just to say that I liked this band and that artist so that I could blend in.

I didn’t.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find my place. In my professional life I suffered, trying to figure out the “right” way to do things from writing stories to taking pictures. Surely there was a way everyone else was doing it that I didn’t learn yet and that’s why I wasn’t successful. That’s why I wasn’t “making it.”

Until 15 years later when I moved to LA.

Because there I finally discovered that the last thing you want to do as an entrepreneur is to blend in. If you’re going to be like everyone else, how is anyone ever going to find you? And if they do find your needle in the haystack, what will make them want to keep it?

Being the odd one out in all of your circles means you’ll get to be noticed.

You’ll get to be seen.

You’ll get to be heard.

And because of all of that, you’ll get to make your dreams come true.