Happy Clients


I recently decided to start a lifestyle and motherhood blog and wanted to brand myself before getting too established with an audience. I was using apps to find stock images to add to my cover photos and posts but it was extremely cumbersome and exhausting to find an image that fit the mood of what I was discussing that I felt would resonate with my audience.

I was so relieved to find out that Bernadette was offering professional image packages at what seemed to be the perfect time for me venturing out into a new realm of comfort for me. I wanted to make sure I had someone who could capture me and my brand in a way that was true to me. I have known Bernadette as a photographer for many years. There was no question about who to hire when it came to my professional images and personal branding, because the quality of her work and the diligence in her attention to detail to giving me exactly what I didn’t even know I wanted was phenomenal.

Having a multitude of images at my fingertips makes it a breeze to figure out my content for the week and I don’t have to search for something that “fits” with what I’m trying to convey, because every image Bernadette provided me fits with my brand and personality.

I have no regrets and will recommend Bernadette to everyone I know, as well as hire her for future projects not just because I have known her to be the easiest photographer I have ever worked with, but also because she exhibits a level of professionalism even in a situation of comfort that I don’t think I would be able to find anywhere else.

Marike Williams
Lifestyle & Mommy Blogger at Mae We Help You


Working with Bernadette was incredible. I felt very comfortable and heard. She fully executed my vision of what I wanted. Plus she was such a super nice person and I felt like we were instant BFF.

Before I hired Bernadette, I was creating images with the camera on my phone or using other canned images (which I hated doing). It was overwhelming to have to create images every day or find something that would work.

I wanted to take my blog and social media to the next level and I didn’t want just head shots. I needed someone with a good eye for interesting social media pictures. I looked at her content and loved the way her photos looked -- she had classic shots as well as more interesting ones that captured moments in time.

Now, I have my time back. Spending one day creating 90 days worth of images is a HUGE time saver. I have also already seen an upswing of followers from using great quality images. 

It was the best money I have ever spent by far for my business! Will hire again for sure.

Carla Lytle
Business Coach & North Carolina Blogger
Carla Lytle / Be The Incredible You


Before my shoot with Bernadette I was producing all my images myself and I disliked the process. I knew it wasn't my area of expertise and it was taking time and effort away from my business. I wanted to have someone who is an expert in their field take photos so that the product would be better and it would be a better representation of my business. Budget constraints kept me from doing it sooner. 

It was a very collaborative working environment with Bernadette which I really appreciated. I was able to get my vision across, while she was able to bring her insight to help get shots I never would have thought of and raise the ideas I had to another level. She's professional and easy to get along with which makes working with someone for many hours a joy rather than a struggle. 

Being able to spend one day and walk away with 90+ days of content is an incredibly efficient use of time and it's allowed me to focus my attention on growing my business and brand without having to think about creating content every day. Additionally, having professional images makes me feel considerably more professional and polished. 

Chris Tsaganeas
Professional Drummer & Educator