Think you don’t have a personal brand?

Think again.

Even if you aren’t actively building your brand…it already exists.

From what you post, to what you don’t, your audience forms opinions on you whether you like it or not.

Until now.


People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek


hey, i’m bernadette.

I am a personal branding expert and photographer and I work with entrepreneurs to bring out the passion & joy for what they do.

I want to get to know you and the whys of your business. I want you to be proud of the uniqueness that is you and I want to turn it all into incredible images that will leave your audience unwilling to buy from anyone else but you.


take back your time.

I know. IT TAKES FOREVER to come up with and create content to effectively tell your story.

You need a steady stream of content to connect with your audience, but you don’t have time to create it. You want to be present when you’re with your family, watching the sights as you travel, aware and part of your experiences.

So let me, your professional storyteller, create the content for you.

“your audience isn’t hiding. you are.”

Brittany Bullen