The (Dis)comfort Zone

I’ve spent years practicing the same bad habits. 

Paying bills late. Spending money frivolously. Staying in a 9-5 when it wasn’t what I really wanted. Partying a little too hard and a little too much sometimes. And just generally not caring for myself.

That was my comfort zone. 

Except it was anything but comfortable.

There’s the timeless adage of “step out of your comfort zone,” but most people don’t take it to heart. They continue feeling miserable, tired and unhappy, not really knowing why. They keep taking the same steps over and over again in their business, wondering why they aren’t getting anywhere. They have actually grown to accept comfort as stress, angst, frustration and gloom.

If you’re genuinely happy with your life, then I applaud you. If you enjoy the routine you’ve created for yourself, that’s amazing.

But if you don’t, all you’re doing is staying in your uncomfortable comfort zone.

I’ve decided my word for 2019 is COMFORT.

Financial comfort.

Health comfort.

Career comfort.

But I’ll never achieve those things unless I step out of my comfort zone.


It takes a whole whole whole lot of soul searching, journaling, and repetition in my case, to figure out what will actually be comfortable. But one thing is for sure...staying where you are, won’t ever be.

What is it that would bring you comfort this year? I challenge you to make a list and really think about whether you’re doing everything you can to achieve it.


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